Free Sketchbook Class
Facebook Live Free Sketchbook Lunchbreak Class
Each Tuesday at 12 Noon PST
Each Tuesday at Noon, Pacific Standard Time, I am offering a free Sketchbook Lunchbreak Class on Facebook Live. It will be featured on my Kriel Art Classes Facebook Page and is free for all to come and participate. Each week we will put a fun new page in our sketchbooks and hopefully, fill them up with new art, ideas, techneaques and get better at our drawing skills at the same time! Check it out this Tuesday during your lunchbreak! If you don't have the ability to take time to draw on your luchbreak, you are welcome to come and watch later on. It will be posted to my Facebook page for art classes as long as there is an interest.

​There will also be a new video each week on Friday on my youtube channel and Facebook. These are designed to inspire you to create and enjoy an artistic home environment,
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Live Online Classes




August 7, 24, 21, 28  1PM-3PM PST

Sketchbooks are so great for finding your voice and your style. We will be expressing ourselves while learning some drawing skills and learning to put different mediums in our sketchbooks. Come have fun with us and learn how to encorporate this creative tool into your life!

​Supplies needed:

​9"x 12" Sketchbook
Pencil, eraser, sharpener
Fine line Sharpie or other similar marker
Glue Stick and small collection of scrapbook papers or magazine papers
Colored pencils (at least 24 colors)
Kids watercolors and brush

August 15, 16, 17  9-11:30AM 1-4PM PST

I'm really excited to do this one! I'm inviting you to come and learn my process by making a mixed media collage with me! This my first time doing this with a group and I'm excited about sharing my art with you and learning from and being inspired by you! I want to keep the group small so space is limited. 

​Supplies needed:
16"x 20" Stretched Canvas
16 oz. Acrylic Gloss or Matte Medium
Magazines or/and Scrapbook papers
1/2 in. flat paintbrush
Small round paint brush such as a #1
Ruler and Compass
White or black acrylic paint 

​Small spraybottle with water

August 7, 14, 21, 28   9:30AM to 11AM PST

For kids aged 8-12
Come and share a fun and interactive art experience with us! This class will be a safe place to show and share art work, encourage each others, learn a few new skills and be introduced to the art of some interesting artists.

Supplies needed:
9"x12" sketchbook with 60lb paper
Pencil, erser and sharpener
colored pencils
a fineline sharpie or 2
Air dry clay

Colored Markers