Angela Kriel Art

Mixed Media and Collage


I love to create. I was lucky to be born into a family that appreciated art and culture. Growing up in San Diego was a perfect place to learn about and experience art.

When I was in high school I immersed myself in art, taking classes and continually checking out books on illustration, design and art history from the library. I worked on my drawing every day. I later attended Brigham Young University where I studied art, learned to sculpt, and began to hone my skills,

In 1997, after getting married and having four children, I started painting with watercolor in earnest. I found that it was a great way to capture some of the things that were close to my heart such as my family, my garden, and places we would travel and experience together. Watercolor helped me develop a more fluid style that allowed for unexpected things to happen. It also gave me the confidence to experiment with my medium and find new ways to represent subjects.

In 1998 I started teaching private art classes and mentoring art students. This has helped me stay inspired. Having students helps challenge the way I do things and keeps me innovative in my processes. In preparing for my classes, I research and fall in love with new art work. I also love helping my students find their voice through art. I believe sharing in their art adventures lends freshness and fun to my own projects. 

The first time I had created with collage as a medium was in college, but in 2007 I started using more collage in my work. As I gained skills and confidence in this medium I fell in love with the range of textures it offers. Texture became the primary focus of my work. Through working with texture, I can see a parallel to life with all it's different sensory feelings. Texture seems a perfect way to represent what we experience through touch, sight, hearing, taste, smell and spirituality. I feel our range of feelings and emotions directly to relate to the wide variety of textures and patterns that are possible in art. Recognizing the infinite variety of combinations and compositions that are possible by mixing these textures has become a fascination for me. The past few years I have continued to search for new avenues in the area of collage and mixed media.

Artist Statement 


I am a mixed media artist who works mainly in collage and acrylic paint. My work is both figurative and abstract. Using magazines in my work allows me to make use of a wide variety of different photographed textures. By fitting these textures together into a composition, I hope I am able to create an intricate web of color, texture, and small details that all come together to make up something wonderful.

Like most people today, I feel like my life is increasingly more complicated. I juggle many different responsibilities, interests, activities, and relationships. Many of these overlap and weave together. These elements create patterns and a complicated texture in my life. By using mixed media/ collage I am able to represent the complexities and richness of life of our time. Each image or canvas has textures that range from fresh, whimsical, cold, warm, fun and sparkly to haunting, dark, and even cosmic at times. A full life contains small amounts of many different experiences, ideas, emotions and tastes all connected by a web. Sometimes life is made up of patterns and habits and sometimes there is something surprising thrown our way.

My artwork is meant to inspire people to embrace the richness of life and inspire them to see the connectedness of all things. I hope that every time someone looks at my work they see something new. I want them to discover wonderful surprises in the details. After all, a composition is incomplete without each small piece of paper or paint.